Monday, October 14, 2013

Tim Holtz-Creative Chemistry 102

The past two weeks I started the creative journey with Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 101 and 102.  By the end of the second course I was so inspired I decided to try and create a blog spot to share my creations.  Blogging has its own learning curve- I hope this works.  This posting highlights lessons completed so far. 

Day 1 Distress Paint- I'm loving these new paints.  I can't wait until all my colors arrive.  Distress paints react with water when wet and retain their vibrancy.  Once dry they are permanent and will no longer react with water.  They can be used on porous and nonporous surfaces.  Its a whole new world of creating with Tim Holtz's line of distress paints.

Marbling, Altered Surface, and Stamping Resist Techniques

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