Saturday, January 25, 2014

Online Card Classes- Stencils Day 1

The Stencils Class started today at .  I got home late from work but I still wanted to make sure I took some time to watch the lessons and to play.  I chose two of my favorite stencils-  both are from Crafter's Workshop.  Tonight I used the misting technique accompanied by slightly rotating or shifting a stencil while using the masking technique over my mermaid stamp.  The tree design I had planned on creating an ombre effect with just misting sprays in blue tones but because the stencil has such small branches/details the mists leaked underneath and initially I could barely see the stenciled tree design.  To spotlight the stencil design of the tree I then added some red but it still didn't provide the contrast I was looking for.  I then used the sponging technique and used black distress ink around the main parts of the tree.  I think this really off set the tree nicely and still gave me a stormy night effect I was going for.  I still want to repeat some of these techniques with different stencils and also try the other techniques from day one for getting more out of one's stencils.  I'll post again tomorrow. 


  1. I'm visiting from the Stenciled class. The tree mask turned out so cool!

    1. I appreciate your comments and coming to visit my blog. I love this tree stencil from Crafter's Workshop- it has a lot of tiny parts which can make it challenging but I have many happy accidents with it.