Sunday, January 26, 2014

Online Card Classes- Stencils Day 2 - Template Techniques

I see a lot of fun and diversity being added to stencils by pairing them with your stamps.  For stamping stencils technique choosing a more open stamps allows the stamp designs to peek through.  I chose to practice with by circles stencil and some victorian people stamps by Flonz Stamps and other designers.
 In order to not muddle other open stamp areas, its important to mask off around the space you are wanting to stamp.  I could have stamped monochromatic to the color I was filling in each circle for a water mark effect but I chose to use the black in for greater contrast due to the details of this stamps and the smaller open space on my stencil.

I really love how this card front turned out.  I chose to color the background spaces in Brushed Corduroy to continue the vintage theme.

Normally when I think of stencils and paint- I think of acrylic and use of my gelli plate.  But today I experimented with using watercolors or in this case my twinkling H2Os and the stencil template. Watercolor stencil technique gives a much softer and loose look. I love the shimmer effect the twinkling H2Os give the project.  I think I need a little more practice so I don't have color leakage underneath the stencil.

Using a black sharpie marker, I highlighted the birch trunk markings so it would seem more realistic.

Scribble stencil technique is good when your on a time crunch.  I liked the recommendation not to outline or trace the image but really either approach would create a wonderful look.  In trying this technique I realized mid project most of my stencils have very small open spaces.  Larger open spaces would work better.  I also need to find my pencil sharpener- most of my pencils were dull.
The scribble stencil technique feels very playful and light hearted at least with a vibrant color palate.

 I have one more technique to try from day 2 but it will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  Any feedback is appreciated.


  1. The victorian stamps are very cool! You did a lovely job with them. I also really like the tree trunk stencil

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I think the Victorian stamp one is my favorite so far in this class too.