Sunday, January 26, 2014

Online Card Classes Stencils Day 1- additional projects- Embossing with stencils

I wanted to take time to explore all the techniques from the class so here's my creations using a stencil for embossing.  I didn't have the heart mosaic stencil that the demonstrator used so I took a stencil that I owned and masked it off to create the heart shape. The masks were recycled from another project but they worked just fine.  Once masked off, I smooched the embossing ink pad onto the stencil in the area of the heart and then removed the mask and used white embossing powder.

I chose to use a more vintage color palate of distress ink in browns- the demonstrated used vibrant orange, pink, and yellow.  The framework of this card is very versatile and could be done with many color variations to match your recipients' favorites. 

The card is embellished with twine and a sentiment stamped tag. The demonstrated used thread, tissue paper, and a sentiment tag. I think both work really well.   I realize after working on this card I need to get a stamp-a-ma-jig so I can align wooden stamps better- I actually did it off center twice so just went with it.  To create the sentiment I wanted, I took a stamp and masked off the words that didn't apply with tape, inked the stamp, pulled the tape off and stamped the sentiment.  

I think I'm going to start investing in more clear mount sentiment stamps to make this process easier. But this worked in a pinch.  So Voila-- here is my card using the stencil for embossing.  

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  1. This card is ridiculously amazing. I love it.